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Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is the use of robots in performing surgery. It is one of the latest and exciting advancement in the field of surgery over the past decade. Robotic surgery was developed to overcome limitations of key-hole surgery, which is routinely performed for surgery of gallbladder, appendix, hernia, colorectal cancer, etc. Robotic surgery can greatly improve visualization, precision, control and dexterity for the Singapore colorectal surgeon, resulting in increased safety for patients. It also offers patient a smaller wound, lesser pain after surgery, faster recovery and shorter hospital stay compared to traditional open surgery. In addition, in surgery of the rectum, robotic surgery offers unparalleled pinpoint accuracy which helps to reduce the chance of errors during surgery.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery versus Open Surgery

  • Smaller wound
  • Lesser pain
  • Faster recovery
  • Shorter hospital stay

Benefits of Robotic Surgery for Rectal Cancer

  • Reduce the chance of having sexual dysfunction after surgery
  • Reduce the chance of urinary and anal incontinence after surgery


KH Ng et al. Robotic assisted laparoscopic rectal dissection for low rectal cancer- from better views to better outcome. Singapore Medical Journal 2009 Aug; 50(8):763-7.

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